Our Vision - Smart Hubs

Collaborative Network of Smart Hub

The Figure shows a conceptual view where several rural and regional smart hubs support health and human services. These hubs are interconnected to a larger National hub that consolidates and disseminates vital information to other users. Our objective is to use a powerful computer aided advisory service to rapidly deploy collaborating networks of hubs like this for SIDS.

The Samoa Pathway document highlights the importance of Capacity Building in Section 109 and clearly specifies the role of ICT in Para h (Section 109): “To establish national and regional information and communications technology (ICT) platforms and information dissemination hubs in small island developing States to facilitate information exchange and cooperation, building on existing information and communication platforms, as appropriate;”.

The objective of ICT4SIDS Partnership is to use Smart ICT hubs to accelerate the UN Post 2015 Agenda through ICT. A Smart Hub is a center of activity that is supported by a portal that is:

In particular, we want to use these hubs to rapidly provide the following SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) related services to SIDS at rural, regional and national levels:

The Smart hubs in remote areas can be located closer to the Internet Backbone and thus serve nearby populations that have no/low connectivity.