Outputs Produced by SPACE

SPACE generates the following outputs, displayed as a Business Intelligence Circle (BIC), for a selected service (e.g., telemedicine) in a regional (e.g., Nepal):

  • Executive Summary (shown in the middle) that can be used to give a high level overview of the entire project.

  • Strategic Planning Report that shows the overall vision and architecture with business/technical justification.

  • Requirements documents for system development.

  • Business plans that can be used to obtaining funding.

  • Standardized RFPs (Requests for Proposals) that can be used to attract vendors for bidding.

  • Project management, policies and procedures, disaster recovery and needed governance guidelines.

  • Education, training and public awareness campaigns needed for success.

  • Enterprise architecture (EA) views for overall governance.

  • Suggested standards and best practices.

Overview of BIC Outputs

Duration: 5 Mints

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